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Getting the Community Reading

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The World Literacy Foundation says “illiteracy affects almost 800 million people globally and one of the best things we can do to end poverty in the world is to improve literacy. This is the key to getting people into jobs, raising their income and enabling them to take part in society”

Alex Kpodonu Library was established out of the desire to supplement the educational needs of the community and the goal of the project is to establish a functioning library where members of the community of all ages and levels of education can come to further their knowledge.


The Library is currently acting as a visitors information centre and also promoting civic pride and encouraging the preservation and celebration of local culture and events. 


The basic services are being provided without charge in other to promote an educated and literate community at Atiavi and its surrounding villages


Where possible, we would replicate and build similar library facilities at neighbouring towns and villages.


The library is a place where ideas can be exchanged and independent research done. It has areas for study, internet browsing and in future, depending of viability we are going to provide access to printing and photocopying of documents.


The library now provides a good collection of books and novels and we are sourcing for academic books recommended by the Ghana Education Service from Basic to Senior High Schools and above. If you have text books surplus to requirements, then you may kindly donate them to the library for the benefit of the community


Getting The Community Reading

If you’re like most parents, intelligence is probably at the top of your list. We all want bright, smart children, which is why we spend so much time choosing the right schools and making sure teachers are exceeding expectations.


Remember that as a parent, you have the power to boost your children's learning potential simply by making books an integral part of their lives.


Early reading in life is important, and our intended programs would encourage parents to begin reading to their children at an early age.


There are several benefits associated with early literacy development and to read more on these benefits, please click here




Text Box:                                                    Volunteers required 
Following an initiative to inspire our young ones to develop the habit of reading, we are looking for volunteers living in Atiavi or surrounding communities such as Glime, Atime, Aveli, Hortagba to assist children with book reading sessions at least once a week, preferably on Saturdays and also arrange fun educational challenges aimed at improving literacy skills

Older children would be encouraged to write book reviews after each reading session
If you think you are available and willing to assist, then you can email your details to: alex@kpodonulibrary.com or contact the librarian on Tel: 0554 962 039